Tamara Savicevic

TAMARA SAVIĆEVIĆ was born in 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. She received her dance education in “Plesni punktovi Zagreb“ under direction of Tihana Škrinjarić and at the ZKM Theatre. She trained with ballet teacher Guy Perkov for eight years and then with Silva Muradori for six years. In addition, during this period she attended dance workshops of well-known dance teachers in Croatia and abroad, such as Igor Barberić, Jorge Vazquez, Etienne Frey, Kilina Cremona, H.C. Garcia and many others. In 1993, she was one of the co-founders of Kelkope dance troupe where she dances and choreographs. Up to this day, she has created nine independent choreography projects, in which she takes part as a dancer as well (“Velvet rope“, “Exhibition“, “Free your mind“, “Bajke”/”Fairy Tales“, “Vers“, “Who I am“, “www.just dance.com“, “Ljubavne priče“/”Love Stories”, “4 me, myself & I“). The last project, dance show „4 me, myself and I“ premiered in May 2011 in The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, while some of the previous dance shows were also performed outside Zagreb, in Croatia and abroad. As a co-author she created other three projects (“Kelkope dance show“, “Autoportret“/”Autoportrait” and “Boje“/”Colours”), and as a dancer she collaborated with Sanja Brebrić, Desanka Virant, Igor Barberić and Maša Kolar in various dance projects, as well as dance show programmes, concerts, TV performances and humanitarian actions. In 2002 she gained the status of independent artist and since then she has worked as a dance teacher on various dance workshops and seminars throughout Croatia, as well as abroad (Malinska, Osijek, Pula, Šibenik, Varaždin, Split, Zagreb, Blackpool). In 2003 she became the art director of Kelkope dance troupe that was in the same year given the status of a professional dance troupe by the Ministry of Culture. Following further education, many workshops and seminars, together with other members of the troupe she organized Summer Dance School of Guy Perkov that first took place in Vodice in 2009 and then in Šibenik. Moreover, at the time of the summer dance school this year, together with the members of the troupe and colleagues from Šibenik, she initiated the Summer Dance Festival in Šibenik. Currently, she is working on a new project, as well as organizing dance seminars and education and participating in them.

Tamara’s characteristic style, with which she initiated a new wave of dance styles in Croatia, is called MTV jazz and is based on the combination of attractive video dance style that follows world trends and of technical background. As she has been developing her dance technique and creating projects independently, as well as in collaboration with other choreographers, her style moves to a more modern jazz with many more technical elements combined with various dance influences (lyrical jazz, modern ballet etc.) Her dance style is specific and very recognizable nowadays, since she has been nurturing it for years and offering it to the audience in the form of full-evening dance shows. The class is based on a warm-up with technical background in the form of a choreography, technical “across the floor“ variations and sequences and the work on particular material with a mixture of different styles. If it is a double class, both MTV and lyrical jazz can be done.


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